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Complete week 8 of the Couch to 5K program.

Week 8:

5 minute warm up walk

28 minute run

5 minute cool down walk.

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Another week down for the running!

Turns out 25 minutes isn’t much more than 20 minutes. I’m still amazed at how well I’m doing. I’ve never been able to maintain this pace for more than 5 minutes (even through high school). I’m happy with the endurance that I’ve received in the past few weeks. Even as the temperature is rising, I’m pushing on through.

Turns out I have a fan in the apartment complex. I saw him a few weeks ago and he stopped his car to introduce himself to me. He said he sees me running all the time and to keep it up. I saw him again this week and he said I was a monster for going as long as I have. It feels great to get these random words of encouragement.

Also helping me is that I can complete one lap of the apartment complex in about 5 minutes. This helps me pace myself in 5 minute increment runs. I’m pretty sure I could do another lap or two. The remaining two weeks should fly by! With that in mind, it’s almost time to find myself a 5k to run. I’ll have to start looking.

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Running low on inspiration?

Get active about it and take the pictures of 10 things that inspire you for life, love, and fitness.

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QUEST UPDATE: Captain’s Log

The weekend isn’t even over but so much has happened!

Friday night wasn’t anything too random, but it was a wonderful night. Michael and I went roaming around Tempe Marketplace and listened to this indie artist for a bit. She was pretty good and did a mix of covers and her own original work. While we watched, we treated ourselves to some Mojo Frozen Yogurt. I don’t splurge often, but I can’t really resist this treat from time to time. Besides, I completed my workout for the day! While it is a decent treat, I need to learn to stop putting “bad” toppings on the fro-yo.

We decided to make it a movie night. We each had our own little thing of hummus. Hummus is another guilty pleasure of mine. It is a healthier snack, but it is best done in moderation. So for the day, I certainly went over my calorie budget by quite a bit (I’m not sure by how much). Days like these are nice to have, but are best done in moderation.

Saturday was such a busy day! Michael, Stephen, and I went on the hike documented earlier. I’m officially burnt for the first time since moving to AZ! Lesson learned about the value of sunscreen. Now I’m in the process of caring for the burn by moisturizing. I don’t know if it’ll help, but everyone says it’s the best thing to do. On top of the hike, I completed my first run of Week 7 of the Couch to 5K. It was a 25 minute run and it really went by way to fast. I think I’m starting to gain some stamina in running! I even checked my weight and I was at 218. Even though I ate all of that the previous day, I was still dropping a bit. Maybe it was the hike?

After the hike, Greg, Michael, and I went out to karaoke. I was the DD (my preferred role once I learned that alcohol is loaded with calories). The bartender kept my glass full and it was so amazing! This comedy troop was present and was absolutely killing their songs! This is a fabulous way to advertise for events! We stayed out a bit late and I finally got some shut eye at around 2am.

Today was not a pretty day for me. The day started at LoLo’s Chicken and Waffles. Yes, it is as delicious and “bad” for you as it sounds. I had three chicken tenders, a waffle, and two cornbread muffins. It was sooooo good! Michael, Jordan, Paul, Joel, and Stephen were on hand to enjoy some soul food. It felt great to have some great buddies around for a random meal. I feel very lucky to know each of them.


I think I like this picture the more that I look at it! 🙂


After LoLo’s, we each went our separate ways. Stephen and I headed out to catch a showing of “Chernobyl Diaries” at Tempe Marketplace. As per my usual, I watch all horror movies from behind my fingers. And of course, the moment I let my guard down is the moment that something jumps out at me! Hate it when that happens, but I still love scary movies. I wish this one was fleshed out a bit more. It just seemed a bit rushed once the bad stuff started happening. I behaved and didn’t get any snacks for the theatre.

Once I got home, I did my grocery shopping and laundry for the week before getting on with my daily Biggest Loser workout (1 hr- 600 calories (approx.)).

Today’s workout had me doing planks. When I first started, I could not do this exercise to save my life. My arms would hurt and I would have just about zero core strength. For some reason, I was able to do the full exercise (on toes, not knees) for three different periods during the workout. Has something changed with me over the past month or so that now allows me to do this without quitting after 20 seconds? Who knows. I just feel stronger.

Take Care,


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QUEST COMPLETE: New(er) Heights

What a long, long, and satisfying trip!

We met at the base of the mountain at around 11:30am. Party members include: Michael, Stephen, and myself.

At first, it didn’t look like much. Michael even made a mention of it looking like a “Mount Trashmore” from back in Virginia. How wrong he was!

After about 30 minutes we came to our first little picture area and I managed to snap the following pictures.



We didn’t seem that high up, but there was still plenty more mountain to go! I found out that we were taking the Mormon Loop of South Mountain. I know nothing of the different trails around here, but I was sure enjoying my time. Around every bend, I was so excited to see the new scenery. It felt amazing to be out in nature and exploring the area…even if it was on a train.


After a bit more time walking (and one fall later- I’m okay…just hurt my pride). We came to a mini peak of sorts. This is Michael on the peak and the view from the top.



These pictures do not do it justice. We were very, very high up! You can see downtown Phoenix in the distance there.


We went on to the National trail for about 45 minutes or so before turning around. On the way down, there were several parts where the group was bounding down the hill and running/jumping through rocks. I absolutely loved doing this. I know I could have hurt myself if I landed wrong, but it felt so good to run down a path while leaping from rock to rock. I felt like a ninja!

Long story short, we made it to the bottom and I forgot to wear sunscreen. As a result, I am burnt! Lesson learned…


Until next time!

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QUEST ACCEPTED: New(er) Heights

You’ve survived…somehow…”A” Mountain. Let’s take it up a notch today!

Grab two friends and tackle a hiking trail on South Mountain! Take pictures along the way to document your journey. Make it to the top if you can!

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QUEST UPDATE: Captain’s Log

Hey everyone!

Today was a milestone day! I did weigh myself and I dipped below 220 today! Yay me!

Today was a fairly standard day. Michael had his interview and I hope he got the job! Tonight’s a band rehearsal (one of the few before our final concert). To be honest, I sometimes resent band rehearsals when I’m on a workout kick. I can’t really do my full workout when I have to be at band rehearsal. Oh well, summer is right around the corner and it should be completely open!

On with the STATS!



Shake- 170 Calories

Pear cup- 30 calories


Shake- 170 calories


Lean Cuisine Chicken Parm – 300 calories.


Pear Cup- 30 calories


I’m heading out to the bar after rehearsal with the guys. No drinking for me though. I’ve seen how many calories are in those drinks and you can’t fool me!



30 Minutes Biggest Loser session: 288 Calories

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QUEST UPDATE: Captain’s Log

Not a bad day at all today! I wish more of my appointments would have shown up, but it was a fantastic day. I can’t wait for the weekend…huzzah for three day weekends!

I was completely behaved today with the diet.


Shake- 170 calories


Shake- 170 calories


Lean Cuisine Lasagna- 330 calories


One Pickle- 0-5 calories

One Bag of Popcorn: 100 Calories


The exercise went fantastically too!

Couch to 5K: 5 minute warm up walk, 25 minutes of running, 5 minutes of cool down walking.

Biggest Loser Game: 620+ calories for an hour’s worth of exercise!


All in all, a good day’s work!

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Complete Week 7 on the Couch to 5K program.

Each run this week includes a 5 minute warm up walk, 25 minutes of running, and a 5 minute cool down walk.

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One more week complete of the Couch to 5K program!

This week wasn’t nearly as difficult as the last one. Perhaps I’m actually building stamina? Who knows….

This week capped off with a 25 minute run with no walking breaks. Last week was a 20 minute run so the program is slowly increasing the time. This run was a bit different than the others. As it is still hot as blazes outside, I decided to bring along a bottle of water incase I could use some hydration along the way. This presents a problem. I usually hold my phone in one hand and keep the other hand free. I did not want both of my hands occupied, so I stuck the phone in my pocket and carried the bottle. Luckily, today’s run was straight through and I didn’t have to listen closely to hear the British lady telling me to slow down to a walk. The only down side was that I couldn’t hear the music as well as I could when my phone was in my hand.

I know…I know… they make earphones. But for some reason, earphones keep shorting out in my iPhone. I actually kinda like having the speaker keeps me entertained.  As for the water, I used my filtered water, but as the temperature warms up outside, even the cold knob gives me very warm water. However, water is water and it is what made this run possible.

Here’s to you, water!!


On to week 7! Wow…the program is almost done…

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