QUEST COMPLETE: New Year’s Resolutions

1. Move into a house
-In progress: The loan is in the process of being approved and the house should begin construction this month.

2. Get involved in a fabulous and loving relationship
-Lots of dates, but no relationship. Not going to rush this one!

3. Visit two new locations
– Utah visited. Potentially Vegas later this year!

4. Reach my weigh goal of sub 200 pounds
-In progress. This is my main goal

5. Learn to play an instrument-
-I’ve relearned to play trumpet this year. It’s great to have an outlet.

6. Get a dog
-Day one of living in the new house will see me with a dog! A BIG DOG!

7. Get a consistent group of friends
-I have a close circle and it is always expanding. With my buddy Nelson moving within the month, it’ll only get better.

8. Learn something new and difficult
-I’m still searching for this one. Help me out readers!

9. Watch the sunset over the ocean
-Planning a trip to San Diego as soon as I hit 200 lbs.

10. Spend more time outside
-I’ve started a running program which has me running outside every other day. I’m also planning on hiking and swimming a lot more this year.

11. Attend a murder mystery
-Haven’t seen any in the area. Future Quest!!

12. Attend two shows outside of Wicked
– Planned for the fall season at Gammage. Peter Pan and the Addams Family are my top choices!

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