What a fantastic day!!

I’ll admit that I was a bit nervous based on what everyone had been telling me. Bringing a bottle of water is an absolute must. Wear plenty of sunscreen. Beware of rattle snakes…yes…rattlesnakes! The thought of snakes alone was almost enough to accept failure for the quest. However, I really have the need to complete something once I get started. So, throwing venomous caution to the wind, I went through with the hike today.

Joining me was party member Joel. No stranger to hiking, I was hoping he would be great company and he did not disappoint. We met up at around 11AM at my place and proceeded to A Mountain at ASU. As we got closer, I noticed that it didn’t really look that big at all.

It turns out, the path was fairly straight forward….and surprisingly kind of flat to begin. A gentle incline was no problem at all. But then I met my old enemy… stairs! Why are there stairs on a hiking trail? I have no idea, but it did help out the process a bit and help us gain some elevation.

After a few moments of chit chat, Joel produced the sound of a rattle snake and almost sent me back down the mountain. He does a fairly good impression!

Along the way, we saw some pretty decent shots of ASU and the surrounding city.


As we reached the top, we did see a few other people hanging out and chatting at what appeared to be a communication station at the top of the mountain. After a moment of taking in the sights, Joel and I climbed up the rocks to be at the peak of the mountain.


It’s hard to think that we were that high up, but it was certainly something that I would like to do again.

As we returned to the car, I saw this sign and just had to take a picture.

So, that ends the quest for the day!

As for the rewards, I got myself a new outfit from Ross and even got my ears lowered!

Take Care of Yourself,


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