QUEST UPDATE: Captain’s Log

So today was a rather unique day for a starting point. With Michael moving in, I was wondering how the diet and work out would work. When I got home, he was already here and moving into the apartment. After he got everything inside, I went for a run so that he could sort through his life.

Today was Week Six, Run 2. This run consisted of a five minute warm up walk, 10 minutes of running, three minutes of walking, 10 minutes of running, and 5 minutes for a cool down walk. The weather outside was about 105 degrees. It is getting hot, but I pushed through and was proud of myself. When I got back in, Michael had shoved most of his life into the spare closet, but still had bags upon bags of clothes to go through. I miss those days…not!

Since it was his first night here, we had to go out and celebrate. We went to Pei Wei. Not the most calorically responsible, but we made do. I had sweet and sour chicken. The nutritional menu said it was less than 500 calories, so I wasn’t too disappointed in myself. I have a feeling the scale will hate me tomorrow for it. Oh well, it was worth it for the first night with a good friend.


Breakfast: Shake- 170 calories

Lunch: Shake- 170 calories

Dinner: Sweet and Sour Chicken <500 calories

Snacks: 4 pickles (the jar says 0 calories), 1 cup of diced pears- 40 calories



30 minutes of walking/running for Couch to 5k.

1 hour of Biggest Loser Game (570 calories).


Mood: Excited, but exhausted.

Weight: 222.5

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