QUEST UPDATE: Captain’s Log

Well, yesterday went rather….uniquely.

Work went very well for the day. I stuck to my diet, avoided the cookies, and felt very productive! Usually, I have some quiet “me” time during lunch to recollect myself, but that didn’t exist today. I had some work to do for the band, so my lunch hour was spent constructing special projects.

When I got home, I found my roomie asleep on the couch.I was tempted to take a picture for blackmail purposes, but I refrained (or did I 🙂 ).

Last night was the monthly band board night. In addition to the usual festivities, there was another band board committee meeting that took place 30 minutes prior to the meeting.

While the meeting was fun and informative, it took a large chunk out of my night. I missed my workout. After the meeting, I met Stephen for dinner at this place called Switch. I had a salad and we split some bruschetta. They were both to die for!! While I broke the diet, it was still a sensible salad and good convo!



Shake (170 calories)


Shake (170 calories)

Dinner: (I’m slightly disappointed, but I will live!)

Lean Cuisine Pizza (350 calories)

Salad (unknown- had goat cheese, grapes, apples, strawberries, and dressing)

3 pieces of Bruschetta)

Weight: I’ve decided to do a weekly weigh in from this point on. Weigh in’s will occur on Monday mornings.

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