One more week complete of the Couch to 5K program!

This week wasn’t nearly as difficult as the last one. Perhaps I’m actually building stamina? Who knows….

This week capped off with a 25 minute run with no walking breaks. Last week was a 20 minute run so the program is slowly increasing the time. This run was a bit different than the others. As it is still hot as blazes outside, I decided to bring along a bottle of water incase I could use some hydration along the way. This presents a problem. I usually hold my phone in one hand and keep the other hand free. I did not want both of my hands occupied, so I stuck the phone in my pocket and carried the bottle. Luckily, today’s run was straight through and I didn’t have to listen closely to hear the British lady telling me to slow down to a walk. The only down side was that I couldn’t hear the music as well as I could when my phone was in my hand.

I know…I know… they make earphones. But for some reason, earphones keep shorting out in my iPhone. I actually kinda like having the speaker keeps me entertained.  As for the water, I used my filtered water, but as the temperature warms up outside, even the cold knob gives me very warm water. However, water is water and it is what made this run possible.

Here’s to you, water!!


On to week 7! Wow…the program is almost done…

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