QUEST COMPLETE: New(er) Heights

What a long, long, and satisfying trip!

We met at the base of the mountain at around 11:30am. Party members include: Michael, Stephen, and myself.

At first, it didn’t look like much. Michael even made a mention of it looking like a “Mount Trashmore” from back in Virginia. How wrong he was!

After about 30 minutes we came to our first little picture area and I managed to snap the following pictures.



We didn’t seem that high up, but there was still plenty more mountain to go! I found out that we were taking the Mormon Loop of South Mountain. I know nothing of the different trails around here, but I was sure enjoying my time. Around every bend, I was so excited to see the new scenery. It felt amazing to be out in nature and exploring the area…even if it was on a train.


After a bit more time walking (and one fall later- I’m okay…just hurt my pride). We came to a mini peak of sorts. This is Michael on the peak and the view from the top.



These pictures do not do it justice. We were very, very high up! You can see downtown Phoenix in the distance there.


We went on to the National trail for about 45 minutes or so before turning around. On the way down, there were several parts where the group was bounding down the hill and running/jumping through rocks. I absolutely loved doing this. I know I could have hurt myself if I landed wrong, but it felt so good to run down a path while leaping from rock to rock. I felt like a ninja!

Long story short, we made it to the bottom and I forgot to wear sunscreen. As a result, I am burnt! Lesson learned…


Until next time!

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