QUEST UPDATE: Captain’s Log

The weekend isn’t even over but so much has happened!

Friday night wasn’t anything too random, but it was a wonderful night. Michael and I went roaming around Tempe Marketplace and listened to this indie artist for a bit. She was pretty good and did a mix of covers and her own original work. While we watched, we treated ourselves to some Mojo Frozen Yogurt. I don’t splurge often, but I can’t really resist this treat from time to time. Besides, I completed my workout for the day! While it is a decent treat, I need to learn to stop putting “bad” toppings on the fro-yo.

We decided to make it a movie night. We each had our own little thing of hummus. Hummus is another guilty pleasure of mine. It is a healthier snack, but it is best done in moderation. So for the day, I certainly went over my calorie budget by quite a bit (I’m not sure by how much). Days like these are nice to have, but are best done in moderation.

Saturday was such a busy day! Michael, Stephen, and I went on the hike documented earlier. I’m officially burnt for the first time since moving to AZ! Lesson learned about the value of sunscreen. Now I’m in the process of caring for the burn by moisturizing. I don’t know if it’ll help, but everyone says it’s the best thing to do. On top of the hike, I completed my first run of Week 7 of the Couch to 5K. It was a 25 minute run and it really went by way to fast. I think I’m starting to gain some stamina in running! I even checked my weight and I was at 218. Even though I ate all of that the previous day, I was still dropping a bit. Maybe it was the hike?

After the hike, Greg, Michael, and I went out to karaoke. I was the DD (my preferred role once I learned that alcohol is loaded with calories). The bartender kept my glass full and it was so amazing! This comedy troop was present and was absolutely killing their songs! This is a fabulous way to advertise for events! We stayed out a bit late and I finally got some shut eye at around 2am.

Today was not a pretty day for me. The day started at LoLo’s Chicken and Waffles. Yes, it is as delicious and “bad” for you as it sounds. I had three chicken tenders, a waffle, and two cornbread muffins. It was sooooo good! Michael, Jordan, Paul, Joel, and Stephen were on hand to enjoy some soul food. It felt great to have some great buddies around for a random meal. I feel very lucky to know each of them.


I think I like this picture the more that I look at it! đŸ™‚


After LoLo’s, we each went our separate ways. Stephen and I headed out to catch a showing of “Chernobyl Diaries” at Tempe Marketplace. As per my usual, I watch all horror movies from behind my fingers. And of course, the moment I let my guard down is the moment that something jumps out at me! Hate it when that happens, but I still love scary movies. I wish this one was fleshed out a bit more. It just seemed a bit rushed once the bad stuff started happening. I behaved and didn’t get any snacks for the theatre.

Once I got home, I did my grocery shopping and laundry for the week before getting on with my daily Biggest Loser workout (1 hr- 600 calories (approx.)).

Today’s workout had me doing planks. When I first started, I could not do this exercise to save my life. My arms would hurt and I would have just about zero core strength. For some reason, I was able to do the full exercise (on toes, not knees) for three different periods during the workout. Has something changed with me over the past month or so that now allows me to do this without quitting after 20 seconds? Who knows. I just feel stronger.

Take Care,


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