Quest Update: Inspiration 2/10

I’m starting to find that inspiration comes from the past and reminds us of who we really are…

Today, my supervisor and I filmed and idea that I had when I first started working in Arizona. The idea was to make a “Choose Your Own Adventure” video that could be used in training new staff members. This idea isn’t new for me as I have always wanted to do this since my last degree program. However, this is the first time that I was able to make it a reality beyond a simple demo. Being able to be creative wasn’t what inspired me. It was what I was using….



It felt wonderful to be able to work with a camera again. In some ways, I think I get a bit sucked in when the camera is running. For a few moments, I can let people see what I see. If I find myself unable to use my words to express myself, I am able to find some comfort in being able to show them. With this camera in hand, I began to be inspired by looking back at my past projects. Even through late nights of editing video, I was always extremely happy to learn new ways of making things work with the camera. It was never a chore, it was a passion…

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2 thoughts on “Quest Update: Inspiration 2/10

  1. It’s so awesome that you get to do this – something you are passionate about in a medium that you are passionate about. I LOVE the idea of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” as a training tool, too!

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