Housing, Dogs, and Running…

I did it!

Never thought I would be doing something like this for fun.

I was out with some friends last night until around midnight. We checked out the Second Fridays event at Mesa. It was themed to support local dog shelters (Dog Days of Summer). Oh my goodness! There were so many adorable dogs there. I had to try really hard not to adopt one on the spot. Once the house is complete, that will be the first thing that I do. This one small dog was walking around with bat wings and another had a silver top hat. It was hilarious! So cute!

I got a few neat pictures of these statues in Mesa. They were surprising lifelike although some of them were huge! This bear statue was so big I’m pretty sure I could git inside of it’s head!

Our group checked out this bar in the area that is horror themed. Apparently, it used to be a haunted house attraction that was turned into a bar. Kinda creepy inside, but it was something that I would love to visit again as it gets closer to halloween.

I went by the house site again today and they’ve made some progress over the last time. They have essentially dug some deep holes for the tubing of the house. As I was taking pictures, I noticed that his colony of ants was highly disturbed. and they were just pouring in and out. It kinda reminded me of a disaster area! I stopped by the main office and got a plot diagram showing the dimensions of the back yard. Now I can start working on designing my landscape…any ideas? Below are the pics of the current house. The under construction house you see is going to be my neighbor. The dirt is my future site.

So, this morning was the run!  I woke up at 5am (not a good idea staying out late last night) and proceeded to the work site. I was surprised there were so many people there. The announcer said that they expected about 1000 people to be running. Everyone there was so friendly and family oriented. I had no idea this community even existed. Eventually, Joel and Karen showed up and the event began.

Of course, my shoe becomes untied within the first five seconds. I veer off the course to fix my flat and get back on the track. I stayed behind a few runners for most of the time and used them as a goal. To my surprise, I didn’t stop or walk for any of the time.  When I completed, I was drenched and exhausted, but very happy with myself. It felt good to set a goal and work towards it!


Such a good week!

Take Care,


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4 thoughts on “Housing, Dogs, and Running…

  1. Joe! You’re looking so good!
    Can’t wait to see your house finished 🙂

  2. Congratulations on reaching your goal. It feels good to accomplish things we set out to do.

    I think you should get another Chessie 😉

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