Random Musings for the Night

Tonight was a charity event at another local bar. One of my buddies was the MC and I wanted to show my support. I was surprised by the turnout! The entire parking lot was packed and everyone seemed to be having a great time inside. Even with that said, there was just something a bit off about tonight. I think I’m starting to hesitate about going out to the bars. I want to meet new people and I want them to be of substance and merit. I think that I will have a hard time finding that at times when most of what I see tends to be more focused on who you’re going home with rather than getting to know you as a person.

While I like bars and trying new drinks, I still don’t really fit in….at all. This one guy came up to me and asked if it was my first time out because I looked like I was so scared. I don’t recall being scared, but apparently I was giving off that vibe. I was relatively comfortable, but perhaps the scene just isn’t for me.

Some people say that you will find what you are looking for when you stop looking for it. I don’t really know if that’s true. If I stopped looking for what I want in life, then I think I would just sit at home and surf on the web for days on end. Having an objective helps keep me active and out there. So for the time being, I will continue. There is some merit in the idea of choosing another objective other than finding a relationship. Perhaps I can shift my focus to getting more active and fit as my objective and meet people along the way.


With all that said, I noticed that there is another 5k this coming weekend. This one seems a bit more special as it has a fun theme. They will have children with water guns and water pistols shooting the runners along the way. To me, this is amazing and I totally want to do this! I think I’ll sign up tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “Random Musings for the Night

  1. How did you achieve the 125 pound weight loss? Did you make up your own plan or use a pre-existing one?

    • Hey there!
      A little bit of both! The key concept is to take in less than you expend (eat less and burn more). Caloric reduction is key. I started off by doing the Slim Fast plan (3-2-1). For the dinners, I used a Lean Cuisine. This kept my daily calories to about 1000 or less.

      Other important things: Get rid of all of the other food in your place to remove temptation. Don’t beat yourself up too much for a cheat day. Realize that this takes time and there will be times where you see no loss at all.

  2. To start out, I didn’t have one at all for a few months and still made progress.

    Every once and a bit, I went to the apartment complex’s gym and did about 10-20 minutes on the elliptical. I would also go for a swim from time to time.

    Around the start of the year (six months after starting), I picked up an Xbox Kinect and the Biggest Loser video game). It set up a work out system and plan that burned about 400 calories per workout. I loved this system and it took me a bit to become bored with it. There are other games like this (Your Fitness Evolved is another great game).

    About 15 weeks ago, I started a Couch 2 5K program called Get Running on my iPhone. This app allows a voice to interrupt your iPhone music to give you directions to improve your running over time (Begin a 5 minute run now. You’re Halfway Done! Begin a 2 minute walk now). In the beginning, it was walking for one minute and running for a minute and was repeated 8 times. It gradually increased it so that I was running for 30 minutes at a time. If you’re keeping a good pace, you will be running 5K by the end.

    The biggest motivator for me was the clothes and not the scale. Seeing the pant sizes go from 46 down to 36 was amazing for me. Just was disappointed when I learned that not all jeans have the same size within a pant size (one 36 is not the same as another 36). The same is true for shirts. But, slowly but surely, my belts ran out of notches and I was able to fit into smaller clothes. It did get a bit expensive to have to buy clothes that you were going to shrink out of in a few months, but it was still motivating.

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