Splash Mob 5k Prep

It’s funny to think that I am looking forward to running again. I signed up for the Splash Mob 5k this morning.


Registration was a bit more expensive, but apparently it comes with some goodies this time around and the funds go to a great cause (homeless children). I also have to donate two articles of used clothing to a clothing drive. This one is easy enough, I have a whole tub full of clothes from my bigger days that is sitting on my closet floor. It’s about time I cleaned house. I think I’ll add to the pile and finally get rid of my 42 sized pants and XXL shirts.

Now that I have this event on my radar, I feel motivated to do better than my last run. It is very easy for me to want to go to the gym and push just a little bit harder. My last 5k time was 32 minutes. This time around, I want to break the 30 minute mark. I think this might be doable depending on how the event is organized. In the meantime, I will continue to work out and eat right to prepare. I’m feeling better and I will be better.

In better news, I may have a date to see Batman for this weekend. Here’s hoping!

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One thought on “Splash Mob 5k Prep

  1. Good Luck with your run and for a great cause!

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