Housing Woes

Disturbing Phone Calls Suck!

I received a phone call earlier this week that left me scratching my head. The sales office of my new home called and said that while my credit score was good, they still wanted me to open additional lines of credit. I had just started building my own credit (from nothing) last October and thought I was going to be sufficient with my one little credit card. My reaction was extremely negative and quite a few “nasty-grams” were sent off to the relevant people inquiring about the situation and why it took them over a month to even let me know this.

At this point, I was ready to tell them that if they wouldn’t approve me as I am, then I would not be getting this house. I had even started looking at other apartments to rent. My feelings were a bit hard to describe because letting myself believe that I was no longer tied to the house was certainly disappointing, but also a bit freeing.

The next day, I received a call from my loan processor (recipient of one of the nasty-grams) and she called an apologized for all of the confusion. The sales office was going off of a month old document and they had not factored in my other sources of credit when they removed me from being an authorized user on some of the family credit cards (had them since college). After it was all over, she mentioned it was a mistake and that they should not have called me as everything looked like it was good to go for the loan. Now it goes into underwriting (again) and I hope to see some good results!

I stopped by the house site today and there is some new progress on the construction. Instead of mounds of dirt, I have this:

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One thought on “Housing Woes

  1. I am glad you could get everything figured out. 🙂

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