The Running Partner

A lot’s happened in the past few days…

Outside of all of the housing drama (see previous blog entry), I’ve been preparing for my second 5k (Splash Mob 5k). While I’ve been consistently going to the gym after work for an hour (60 minutes of elliptical usually), I realized that it still didn’t get me to where I needed to be for my running endurance. On the Thursday before the race, I decided to spend my time running outside of the track.

Thankfully, I had one of my coworkers running the track along with me (though at a different pace). Each lap around the track was 0.44 miles (or something like that) and I decided to run 6 laps. The weather was a bit cloudy at first and gave me some much needed shade as I was running. While my running partner was there running the track, our paths never crossed. This was a bit sad as I really wanted some company. After 2-3 laps, she called it quits and went inside to use the machines as the sun had come out to play and started heating things up. I stayed on to finish my six laps. It felt good. It felt really good to be alone on that track and doing something that was going to better myself.

The past few days, I had started talking to this guy on an online dating app (nothing new for me). He was big into the outdoors and I was telling him about the upcoming 5k. Eventually, I invited him to go with me and he was more than happy to join me. We met up that night and watched a movie at my place (one of the Eating Out movies). I’m always a bit nervous about meeting people for the first time. Will he like me? What if I’m not good enough? What if I don’t like him? The questions never seem to stop in my head. Thankfully, a smile and a hug quieted all of my endless questions.

The next day, there was a registration event for the run. I invited him out and to join me for some dinner afterwards. The Splash Mob 5k proceeds are set up to assist homeless populations in the valley and they were also running a clothing drive. I had a huge tub of clothes from back in my bigger days (over 40 shirts/pants) and brought it all out to be donated. The people there seemed really happy to see my bring in all of these clothes and I hope someone will be able to use them. I dropped of my clothes and waited for my running buddy (the guy from the app).

He did show up a bit later than expected, but I was still happy he was able to come and register. While filling out his paperwork, the worker asked if we were together after I had explained that I had already signed up. I was bumbling through my words trying to explain that we were running the race together while the running buddy simply said “yes.” Cute and bold. After we got our materials, we headed to the local restaurant and had a decent meal (with post meal fro-yo and some indie cover music) at Tempe Marketplace. We had to call it an early night as the run was the next morning and started at 7am.

The next morning went by so fast! The sun was certainly up and was heating up the area rather quick. The running buddy was running late, but got here with a few minutes to spare before the run. As the gun sounded, we were chatting with this one couple who had this fanny pack belt with space for water bottles. I need to invest in one of these so that I have a place to put my phone/keys. I was particularly worried as this was a splash mob. They had kids (and some adults) scattered throughout the course of the trail ready to pelt runners with water cannons and balloons. The running buddy and I started out very strong, but this was his first 5k and he had not done much prep work. It wasn’t long before he needed to walk to catch his breath. I slowed my pace and kept with him for the duration of the run. The only exceptions came when there were soaking stations and I tried to speed past those to avoid getting splashed. My time was certainly worse than the previous week due to the stopping/walking, but it was worth it to have someone beside me for the run. Good company is better than a good time. Here are some pictures from the event.




After the run, we parted ways for a few hours. My roommate, the running buddy, and I went to see the new Batman Movie. I was very impressed with the movie and found myself wanting more. Specifically, I wanted more Selina Kyle. That storyline stole the show! The running buddy did fall asleep during the movie and found it to be a bit predictable. Afterwards, the three of us went to Spinatos for some delicious pizza. Kinda blew the point of the 5k, but it was a nice treat every once a bit!

So where do I go from here? I think I want to maybe try for a 10k at some point. After this 5k, I thought I could make another run out of it. Given, I was going at a slower pace, but I wasn’t even winded at the end of it. Maybe there’s hope for me! šŸ™‚

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  1. Congratulations!!

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