These boots were made for walkin’….

The gym has certainly missed me this past week. Fear not! I’ve been on the road and running!

I’m starting to increase my speed and time. Slowly, but surely I am improving myself along the way. This includes mentally and physically. I feel better when I get a chance to run. It gives me a chance to think and not worry about much else. When I was running today, I noticed that my strides were become longer and I had a lot more speed. I’ll take it!

My roommate was looking into getting these five-finger shoes. He is looking to start running and I can’t wait to have him as a running buddy. 🙂 I’ve thought about getting a similar pair of shoes, but these $10 shoes from Walmart have served me very well so far. Maybe my wardrobe will get a facelift as soon as the house is done. Until then, these boots will have to do, lol.

In terms of guys, I’m starting to come to some conclusions. I shouldn’t invest in people who don’t invest in me. My self worth needs some development in this area and I’m starting to work on it. I want a relationship where someone wants me as much as I would want him. Until he comes along, I’ll just keep working on improving myself….for myself, of course.  By the way, is it just me, or are all guys flakey with text messages?



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