See Joe Run

This week has flown by!

Oh, where to begin!? Let’s start with the house. I did my weekly stop by and was pleasantly surprised!


I remember when I first started this process, everyone said that once the slab is down, the process really takes off with the framework. I’m excited to see how things shape up in the coming weeks. Now that the slab is down, I’m starting to get  a picture of where everything will end up. I can see the dining room…a place to host countless dinners and holiday get togethers. I’m looking forward to the memories to be build within this house…this home.

Next up: Sedona

The Running Partner and I were supposed to make a trip out to Sedona this past weekend. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, it needed to be postponed to this coming weekend. Even before I came to Arizona, I had heard Sedona was known for its spiritual properties. After doing some research, I discovered that Sedona is home to a few “Vortexes.” I’m fascinated by this and hope to see them in person. Expect lots of pictures. Reading about the Vortexes reminds me of the World of Warcraft and Ley Lines. Apparently there are lines in the world where magical energy runs. I wonder if there is a correlation between the two. I’ll have to dig into it a bit more.

Part of me is scared about the trip going up and back. I remember moving here and driving through the mountains. I absolutely freaked out. How in the world to people go 65 MPH around the side of a mountain. One false move could send your car off to the side and into a nasty fall. I was literally going 25 MPH during my final drive. Other drivers were less than pleased, but I kept myself safe, right?


Nike+ is absolutely amazing! I found the app today and instantly fell in love. This app uses GPS to map your running route, pace, and distance. While all of that is amazing, the best part is that it can link to Facebook. When someone likes or comments on your in-progress run, it will create a cheering sound to play over your current music. It was nice to know that people were being supportive while on the run. A built in cheering section!

Today’s run was 4 miles. This was a new personal best in terms of distance. Surprisingly, my time was around 35 minutes. The next 5k is August 12 and I’m aiming for a time below 30 minutes. If this GPS bit is accurate, I should be able to make it! Each day until then, I’ll be running a bit longer. The eventual goal is to run a half-marathon in February. I think I can get this done if I keep it up!

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