Where I’ve been..

Hey all!

It’s been a week, but I thought I would try my hand at Tumblr as a new path for the blog. I didn’t like it so much. WordPress offers more options and more control of your content. So, long story short, I’m back!

Updates over the course of last week:


I’m still going strong with Nike+. The GPS can be a little off at times, but is still perfectly usable. It may not be accurate, but it’s nice to have a voice in my ear from time to time. Maybe I’ll end up getting a GPS watch in the future for a more accurate read. In the meantime, free is nice. đŸ™‚

I’ve mostly been running around my apartment complex. It’s familiar and relatively safe. Last Thursday, I was going to meet up with the AZ Frontrunners for a run at Tempe Town Lake. There were lots of small groups there and I didn’t recognize anyone, so it was pretty much a solo run. Running in the valley at 5:30pm when it’s over 100 degrees is ridiculous! Water weight be gone! Here is the results screen from that run.

I brought my roommate along to the local RoadRunner store to see about getting a new pair of running shoes. My $10 Walmart one’s held their own, but I have a feeling they there were not the best for my feet or knee. So they gave my feet an assessment. Apparently both of my feet point outward (I thought this was normal) and my ankles have a slight tendency to collapse a bit when running (I never noticed). They recommended a motion control shoe and had me try on a few. The first shoe the salesperson brought out was a size 10. I’m a size 13 and I was like umm, I think I need a bit bigger.  Ended up with these:

And here’s me getting tested!

I got a chance to try them out when I go home. These boys are heavy and I’m still getting used to them. The biggest thing I noticed is that the shoes were able to breathe as I was running. It was a new experience for me. The shoes were a bit on the expensive side, but I hope that they were worth it! At least it’ll push me to keep working out with them!


After visiting my house this past weekend, I was pleasantly surprised:

I can now see the shape of the house! Progress!

The Running Partner

We had to put off Sedona….again. We did do a meal on Friday night. He cooked linguine mixed with tomatoes, mozzarella, chicken sausage, and basil. He also brought over some laundry to do as he was trying to multitask. He ended up leaving a load in the dryer so I had to fold his laundry. Awkward. I’m starting to become a bit unsure about him. I like aloof and spontaneous, but I also value a decent level of communication, which I don’t think he would be naturally capable of giving me.

Goals for Today

  1. Run three times (1-mile in the morning, 2-miles in the afternoon, 3-miles at night)
  2. Go for a swim/tan
  3. Stick to the diet (including a healthy homecooked meal with my roomie)
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