Plateau in the Valley of the Sun

Plateaus are hideous, hideous things.

For those just starting weight loss journeys, this is that horrible time where the scale just doesn’t seem to budge. For the past few weeks/month, I seem to be stuck between 215-218 range for weight. My hope was that the new found love of running would get me past the plateau and start the final trek towards being sub 200. So, here’s a brief list of things to do when you hit a plateau.

1) Give yourself positive affirmations. You are working hard and it will eventually show!

2) Mix things up a bit. If you mainly do running, add some pool time to the mix. Give rock climbing a try. Whatever you do, just stay active.

3) Step away from the scale for a few days. Weighing yourself everyday can have its benefits, but it can eat your motivation if you aren’t seeing the changes you had hoped for.

4) Look at your journey so far. In the end, you will be your biggest source of motivation.

5) Be completely honest with yourself.

That last one is the kicker! In looking back at the past month, I have not been honest with myself. While I have done wonderful with the running and the gym, my diet could stand to be improved. Just two nights ago, I split a pizza, breadsticks, and cinnamon sticks with The Running Partner. The night before that we made orange frosted cinnamon rolls. That same day we had a huge lunch at work during orientation and I certainly helped myself. Am I really surprised that I haven’t been dropping the pounds? No.

I need to do a better job of controlling my eating or eating healthier foods. Each day on this blog, amongst the other entries,  I will document my food for the day. I will keep track of things. I will stay active. I will eat healthier, and I will do better.

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One thought on “Plateau in the Valley of the Sun

  1. Oh, the plateau. I find that in addition to changing my workout routine, also changing what foods I’m typically eating helps a lot too. Stay motivated!!! 🙂

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