My Peace

Gotta love the stressful days!

Today was the first day of walk-in appointments at work, and boy were we busy! The days go by so fast, but it’s hard to keep a steady thought pattern at times. A lot of work, but oh so much fun!!

I found out that there are more bumps in the road for the house. They now anticipate being able to close on the 31st of October. It just doesn’t make sense. Why are they continually pushing back the date. On top of that, the loan has been in limbo for over a month with no update. Needless to say, an “assertive” email was sent and some answers were finally given today. I still sometimes wonder if this is all worth it to just have a place to call my own..  Life goes on!

Yesterday was a 4.5 mile run. I’ve officially taken it to the streets! One thing I never thought I would say is that I actually am beginning to love the grid system in Phoenix. It makes running so much easier because you mentally know how much further you have to go since everything is in these little squares. On a bit of a sour note, I did have a graceful launch to the run. As I crossed a stoplight, I tripped over this groove in the sidewalk and fell right over! Ouch! Thankfully, I was able to execute a nice roll and propelled myself back to my feet to make a smooth transition back to running. It was almost like I “meant” to do that. Well, I did! Didn’t I? 🙂

Tonight was going to see another run, but I’ve decided to take the night off to give my muscles a chance to rest and rebuild. To stay active, I visited the pool for about an hour to just relax and enjoy the night. There is something so very special to me about the water. Something so powerful, yet so serene. Just floating underneath the water brings this absolute calm to my being. Being submersed and having the world slowly fall away so that all you can hear is the silence that surrounds you.

Takes my stress right away!

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