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Where I’ve Been

Hey All!

Sorry for not updating in the past month. A lot had happened and this got put off to the side. I’m going to try and start updating a bit more.

The school year has started and things are going full steam. I’m making progress towards planning next year’s freshmen camp and it’s looking to be better than ever. As soon as contracts are done, I’ll share some more information.

In late September, we had the annual Academic Advising Symposium. It was a unique experience presenting twice and running the conference. Thankfully, all went well and the conference was well received by the advisors. We are already planning for next year’s conference. Now, the office is planning for an upcoming STEM future college student night at the local science center. The events keep on coming and I’m just taking things one day at a time. It is a little overwhelming at times, but still good.

This past week, I had the opportunity to go to Nashville, TN to participate in the annual NACADA conference. This was my first conference with NACADA at the national level and I’m happy to say that I was extremely happy with my experience. I had the opportunity to meet so many people from Twitter conversations about Academic Advising. It was truly wonderful to put a face and smile with that name.

The conference took place at Opryland. It was kind of like a small city in a bubble. They had shops and restaurants within the bubble. Unfortunately, they did not allow outside deliveries (pizza) and the restaurant food there was ridiculously priced.  Here are some pics:

The House

Lots of drama happened with the house in the past month. I was not being communicated with in a proper fashion from the sales and lending offices of Pulte. After this was communicated with them, nothing changed. So, I asked about my options for walking away from the home. I did not have a moving date. My apartment lease was up on November 1st and they had already rented out my place to someone else (couldn’t extend). I was told by a manager that they would not let me walk away and would keep my earnest money. Additionally, they said that I was in breach of contract and they had the power to cancel the deal and keep my money if they so pleased. This made me furious. After some nasty grams went out, I received a series of phone calls and got my final date information. I still do not trust Pulte homes to meet their deadlines because they have not been very responsible with me up until this point. But, with all things said, I am planning to move on October 31st of this year. My parents are coming out the day before to help with the move. Should be fun, no? Here’s the house now..

So, a lot’s been done since the last time. The most recent addition is the roof and driveway. Slowly, but surely, this will be my home. And along with the home comes a new puppy! My boss recently took in a puppy, but has decided that his current situation is not conducive to having a puppy around. So….once I move, Leo will be joining my family. Leo is about 2 months old and is a Yorkie. Pics will come as soon as I have them!


Some updates on guys. I’m currently dating. I’m not sure if it is going anywhere. But, I will relax and enjoy the moments that I do have with him. I’ve noticed that I tend to run when things start to become “official.” I still have that urge, but I’m giving myself time ┬áto get over it.

Weight loss:

This is the bad news. I’ve stalled out a bit. I still run (and the dating guy runs with me). However, my eating habits have gone down the drain a bit. With the exercise, my weight has maintained. I’m happy that I’ve maintained (still in the 210’s), but now it is time to finish the mission. To take a cue from what I tell my students, you NEED to SET A GOAL. Even a small goal. Small goals lead to big goals. So, to get myself back on track:

Eat only meals that you buy at a grocery store for one week. The meals will be the old diet plan. Slim Fast, Oatmeal, and Lean Cuisine. If you do need to eat out, have a salad.

Welcome back, Joe

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