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Pleasant surprise

Outside of Leo waking me up twice last night to be let outside, I did receive a pleasant surprise when I stepped on the scale this morning.

I’m back down to 220. I know that weight fluctuates, but this is still going in the right direction.

While I have been lower, this number has always represented something special for me. When I was younger and well above 220(300’s), I would always state that my weight was 220-250. For some reason, I just thought that I would be seen as more attractive and that the skinny people wouldn’t know the difference. Silly Joe.

I’m debating doing a daily weigh in versus the once a week model. What do you all think?

I’m going to start taking pictures of the scale as proof

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Today, after the procedure, I went home and rested to allow myself to heal a bit and to see if I could rid myself of this cough. I finally saw under my bandage and the stitches don’t look that bad at all!

Tonight was the off night for running. That means doing some other form of exercise. I did a few reps in a few different exercises with my dumbbell. My roommate josh is able to tell a difference when I flex now, so I think I’ll keep this pattern up.

I also pulled out 200 sit ups in sets of 20. Get it. Did it.

Josh was having fun with my iPad and got a few pics of me with my little dumbbell and with Leo. They’re below.



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Who wants a salad?

Should have taken a picture of it!

For those on a similar diet train, give a look to Dole’s salad kit selections. My absolute favorite is the Southwest salad. There are three servings in a bag and each serving is only 140 calories. I sound bad for saying this, but I usually eat the whole bag and make it a meal. 420 calories for lunch isn’t that bad at all!

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Back from the procedure. Neck hurts a bit and I have stitches!

I was surprised at how fast it took. Once the doc stuck me with the needle, I couldn’t feel a thing except for tugging. He pulled out a few pieces of the sack at first before pulling out the big part. The big part was about 2 centimeters big. Yowza.

Stitch pictures incoming when I replace the bandage.

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Minor Procedure…

Kind of nervous for the next few hours.

Six months before I moved out here, I developed two sores on my neck. I thought them to be ingrown hairs due to a bad shave on my part. The bad news is that they didn’t go away. Overtime, they become two lumps under my skin.

This may be TMI, but I did manage to pop them a few times, but they always came back. So, I finally made a dermatologist appointment a few months ago to find out what they were.

Turns out, they were cysts. The doc gave me some strong antibiotic, but it didn’t do much to remove them. The appointment today is to remove the cyst. I’ll report back once I’m done. Wish me luck and I hope if doesn’t hurt too bad! I don’t think I’ve ever had stitches on my skin before…

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New Mile PR


Turns out I haven’t lost it by much at all. I pushed myself to keep steady for the mile and I beat my 9 minute mark from when I was running all of e time. I could not keep that pace for much longer, but it is a starting place.

Yay for new beginnings!


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Going for it!

Some free feed outings were presented to me today. For the first time in a few months, I was able to decline. It felt strangely empowering to be able to say no.

When you’re big, life revolves around food. You plan your outings around it. When you have nothing to do, you find something to eat. This is an attitude that I am desperately trying to change. To some extent, I’ve been successful. It simply means wanting something else more than food. In this case, I want the following:

-To be able to fit into something size 34
-To fit into something else that is Medium sized
-To reach a sub goal of 200 pounds

Those are all goals that may take some time to accomplish. If that’s the case for you, try to find something else to reward yourself with that is not food. Often people fall into the trap of “allowing myself cheat days.” There is no such thing. Owe days or meals can turn into weeks and pounds if you are not careful. Note that I’m not saying never go off the path, I’m just saying to be mindful and hold yourself accountable when it happens.

Below is a pic of my dinner today. Noms.

I’m about to go on a mile run in a few minutes. I’m certainly able to run farther, but I want to improve on my mile time alone for now. I’ll update when I get back.


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My Alarm Clock

This is my reason for waking up early! He’s a monster in the morning, but I love him! My only wish is that I would have a dog to go running with, but I don’t think yorkie-mixes make good running partners. He’s more of a cuddler!


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Down, down, down

Did my daily weigh in this morning and the results are 223!

It feels good to be going down again! According to myfitnesspal, if I continue on this path with my calories and exercise, I will be at 209 in five weeks. My goal in 2012 was to reach 200. While I did sabotage myself quite a bit, I’ve certainly made some great progress!

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I’ve been reading this blog recently for inspiration:

Seeing this guy go on a similar journey is awesome. I remember going through a lot of this myself. The first time getting smaller sized shirts and pants is always nice. If you’re looking to get your start, I hope it helps!

Also, check out the YouTube video below. It kind of compresses his blog into video form. Love it!

In other news:
Stuck to the diet today. Just two shakes, a Lean Cuisine Rigatoni, and two bags of 100 calorie popcorn. I’m feeling as if I’m “burning” again. One day at a time and staying strong!

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