Keep on moving!

Hey everyone!

The dust has finally settled. My house is done and my life is slowly getting back on track.

The bad news: I lost myself in all of the commotion. I let go of my fitness goals and I have no one to blame but myself. Life got complicated and I just let it all go. The end result. My weight went up a little bit. It shot back up to 231, but I’ve already got it back to 227 in the past few days.

I’ve come to realize that this may not be something that I can totally do on my own. Perhaps it is something that needs to be done with other people. So, this is me…finally asking for help.

Inspire me. Motivate me. Hold me accountable.

This is the final push to reach my goal. Once the goal is reached, then new goals will come. I am disappointed in myself, but I won’t give up on myself.

To help in this goal, I will be using myfitnesspal. Friend me if you can! My username is daydrop.

Not everything has been bad. The house looks great and ill post some pictures later tonight. My roommate is amazing and makes for great company. And…..I have a new addition to my family. This is Leo.


He keeps me smiling and is a bit of a handful. I’m trying to house train him, but it is a bit difficult with no doggie door..yet. My main concern is him being outside around any type of predator. Coyotes…big birds. I’ve seen coyotes in my neighborhood and am a bit weary..

I’ll post house pics tonight! Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Keep on moving!

  1. I am here if you need help with your diet/exercise. 🙂

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