There’s no place like home.

I look forward to coming home. I used to not be able to say that.

Being a new homeowner is full of surprises. Some are pleasant. Some…not so much.

Moving day was a bit of a mess. I decided to hire movers and also scheduled appliances and services to be installed on the same time. The trouble is that no one was willing to give me a time estimate about when they would be around. To add to this worry, my parents were supposed to arrive from Virginia the day prior. Due to Hurricane Sandy, this did not happen as the flights were delayed. Thankfully everything worked out perfectly. My parents rented a car and drove over. The rest of the deliveries were perfectly spaced out.

The night of day one was Halloween and I spent it unpacking. Hopefully I won’t have to miss another one! One good thing did come from the first night…Leo! From the moment this process began, the idea was to have a pooch on the very first night. He had grown since the first time I saw him and he is only getting bigger!

Over the next week, we started landscaping the back yard. Laying the pavers down was a days job by itself! We did curtains, bathrooms, a loft, and much more! I’m decorating for the holidays is weekend..maybe. I’ll share some inside pictures then. For now, this is the outside


The last night my parents were in town, we had a mini house warming party. It was good having all of my friends in one place. My father even taught me to make his lasagna. Unfortunately, one bad thing did happen that night. One of my friends noticed a scorpion on my front porch as he arrived. He was able to dispatch of it, but I’ve been super paranoid ever since. It was my first scorpion that I had seen since moving to Arizona. Fortunately, I have not seen one since.

I never knew how expensive things could initially be. From Leo’s vet bills to deposits for water and electricity, it can be hard to catch a breath at times. Thankfully, the dust seems to be settling and I am super thankful for my friends and family for their support.

Fitness update:
Stuck to the diet today. Two shakes, a lean cuisine, and two 100 calorie snacks. I even went running for 20 minutes to kick things off again. Slowly, but surely, it’ll happen!

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