Going for it!

Some free feed outings were presented to me today. For the first time in a few months, I was able to decline. It felt strangely empowering to be able to say no.

When you’re big, life revolves around food. You plan your outings around it. When you have nothing to do, you find something to eat. This is an attitude that I am desperately trying to change. To some extent, I’ve been successful. It simply means wanting something else more than food. In this case, I want the following:

-To be able to fit into something size 34
-To fit into something else that is Medium sized
-To reach a sub goal of 200 pounds

Those are all goals that may take some time to accomplish. If that’s the case for you, try to find something else to reward yourself with that is not food. Often people fall into the trap of “allowing myself cheat days.” There is no such thing. Owe days or meals can turn into weeks and pounds if you are not careful. Note that I’m not saying never go off the path, I’m just saying to be mindful and hold yourself accountable when it happens.

Below is a pic of my dinner today. Noms.

I’m about to go on a mile run in a few minutes. I’m certainly able to run farther, but I want to improve on my mile time alone for now. I’ll update when I get back.


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