Minor Procedure…

Kind of nervous for the next few hours.

Six months before I moved out here, I developed two sores on my neck. I thought them to be ingrown hairs due to a bad shave on my part. The bad news is that they didn’t go away. Overtime, they become two lumps under my skin.

This may be TMI, but I did manage to pop them a few times, but they always came back. So, I finally made a dermatologist appointment a few months ago to find out what they were.

Turns out, they were cysts. The doc gave me some strong antibiotic, but it didn’t do much to remove them. The appointment today is to remove the cyst. I’ll report back once I’m done. Wish me luck and I hope if doesn’t hurt too bad! I don’t think I’ve ever had stitches on my skin before…

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One thought on “Minor Procedure…

  1. Good luck!!!!

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