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Hey everyone!

As we hear up for the new year, I want to share my goals for 2013.

1) Finish Insanity: This will be easy as long as I keep it up!
2) Breaking 200 pounds: a carryover from last year. Would have completed if I didn’t start Insanity, but it should be shortly after the new year that this happens
3) Run a 1/2 Marathon: Scheduled for Jan. 20.
4) Run a full marathon: Very scary! Will plan it out after finishing half marathon
5) Create a physical piece of art: Just something to put some time into!
6) Watch the sunset over the ocean. Another carryover from last year
7) Visit two new places for recreational visits.
8) Take a cruise…anywhere.
9) Do a pull up. This one may be stretching it. Never could do one of these. This will be where I push myself!
10) Get rid of all credit card debt. Kind of piled up with the new house. The dust has settled and it is time to get back in order.
11) Fix my front tooth. It has been chipped for years and I’ve never felt comfy smiling with it.
12) Spend more time on water.
13) Think of something that makes me smile each day when I wake up and before I go to bed.

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Continuing Insanity

For those wondering, I’m still doing insanity every day and I just completed the ninth day of the program. Haven’t missed a day. Even the repeat workouts don’t seem like repeats because I’m too busy doing the work and pushing myself.

Still covered in sweat. It’s gross and I love it!

Went for a hike today with a new friend. Some great conversations and things just naturally flowed. Felt nice! Went to subway and had a salad for one of my meals. Couldn’t eat it all, but it sure was yummy. Friend went to use the restroom and found needles in the toilet. Only in Phoenix?

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1/2 Marathon, Here I Come!

Just registered for a 1/2 marathon. Kind of scary!

I’ll be running in the PF Changs Rock and Roll event on 1/20/2013.

Working my way up to the full for later next year.


In other news, getting ready to go on a hike. And then…more Insanity!

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New Size

Hey everyone,
Just got done grocery shopping for the week. Continuing the diet from last week for Insanity. While I was out, I stopped by Ross. I decided to go for it and bought a pair of size 34 jeans.

I took them home and figured that I wouldn’t be able to wear them for a few weeks. To my surprise…they fit! Huzzah

Joe Davis fitting into 34 pants is something I never dreamed of!

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Did that just happen?

Tonight, I went for a one mile run to see if I could beat my previous record of 8:57. This was a few weeks ago and I was so happy with that time.

Here’s the same run tonight. Under 8 minutes? I never thought that number would exist for me. Perhaps this is due to insanity?


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Nice surprises

So, I was looking at my computer files and I found my old Skype picture from when I started here last year.


Took a new one today. Big difference. I like 🙂


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Surgery for Loose Skin

Random thoughts in my head today.

I’ve had a few comments regarding considering surgery for loose skin. For me, this has never really been an option. I’ve always kept a strong mind that my skin would be quite elastic and wouldn’t look like a deflated balloon.

So far, my stomach has been quite resilient. It isn’t perfect, but I’m wondering how much of it is loose skin and how much just needs more weight loss. I can still feel fatty tissue, so I think it just needs to lose a bit more. Maybe I’m wrong?

Would I want surgery if it was an option? I really don’t know. Having tight skin would be amazing. But would it be worth the cost? Would it be worth having a very visible scar in my skin? I tend to think no, but as I continue this process, anything can change.

Are there any health risks for having loose skin?

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12/28 Weigh In

Still no change on that evil scale today. If anything, there was a slight flicker to go up. Over the past few days, the comments I have been reading about insanity mention at not much change happens in the first few weeks and that some people do go up a pound or two as their bodies get used to the system.

With that in mind, I think I’m going to go to a twice a month weigh in. 1st and 15th

In the meantime, I’m still going all out for Insanity. It will be a weight loss and body toning tool for me. I am seeing some results, but they may not be scale worthy yet. I will remain unphased.

Who knows, if I complete insanity and the scale shows no difference, I can go back to the old program and polish off the last few pounds.

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Insanity Day 6 Complete

Six straight days of going at it! Still some of the hardest workouts I’ve ever experienced. Even though today was a repeat workout, it still felt brand new.

Side note, I’m no longer feeling as sore. It isn’t from not pushing myself (I know, double negative). Just getting used to it?

Tomorrow is an “off” day on the calendar. Think I will go for a run. 🙂

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One of my favorite ways to pass the time is to read about controversies in weight loss. Last night, I found several articles involving the debate of weight loss surgery as “the easy way out.”

I really don’t know how I feel about that one. I don’t think anyone has an easy journey of this process. Often, people make this decision as a last resort because they see no other alternatives. I see it as a very valuable tool which could be used to help someone save him/herself.

Usually, these surgeries involve altering the digestive system so that a person gets full quicker. It comes back to the idea of calorie restriction because you end up not consuming as much. I’m left wondering if the same people who completed this surgery would have similar results if they controlled their calories and portions. Perhaps the issue is the ability to control the calories and portions in the first place. Is it an issue of willpower? Is it one of disease (obesity)?

I just don’t know. While my degrees have focused on mental wellness and illness, I feel that we often times throw out personal commitment and power in an effort to blame our behaviors on something else that we cannot control.

While I fully support most of the mission of AA (talking about addiction and how it relates to becoming addicted to food-mentally), I’ve always had a very hard time accepting that one is powerless over what is going on with them. I also have an issue requiring a higher power (however one sees it) to restore someone to sanity.

You are never powerless. You make mistakes. You have the hope and the power to change. You alone have it within you to change. Supports do exist to help with the journey, but you will always be the main source of support, encouragement, and willpower.

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