Today was a bit of a mixed bag.

It started out with brunch at my favorite restaurant. I ordered a breakfast panini and it came with a small side salad. I also ordered some hummus for our table. Not the best choices, but not the worst. It was good to have brunch with my friends and connect. I want to do this more often, but I need to be more aware of my diet next time.

Where I made the big mistake was when we went to see Dralion. It was the new Cirque de Solei (sp) show and it was absolutely amazing. The performers were doing things that I did not think possible. I wish I was in that kind of shape. Maybe in time! My slip up came when I was tempted with Cold Stone and I gave in. After that slip up, I capped my calories for the day. I feel horrible, but still glad to spend time with good buddies.

The conversations also helped me clue me into my next potential move after Phoenix. I think I may give Boston a try after staying here for a few more years.

When I got home, I grabbed Josh and took a stroll around the neighborhood to get some exercise and to see the decorated houses. Below are some of ,y favorites.

Tomorrow, it’s back to normal with the diet and a six mile hike in the morning!




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