A new love

My roommate amazed me yesterday. He gave me a cutie mandarin orange. These things are delicious and only 40 calories. Perfect for a snack. Try one if you like oranges! You won’t regret it. May have to pick up my own bag sometime soon. Love these.

Today was a bit….ugh…so like me. On the road to work, I noticed I completely left my cookies and fabric adhesive at home. I bought a pack at the store for my classes final day. They wanted to have a potluck so I decided to chip in and support them. I quick stop at the store fixed that situation. The bad news is that the cookies were still on my counter when I got home.

Temptation city! But, I did not give in! The cookies are still on the table and I’ll let my coworkers go at them for tomorrow.

I did my 100 sit ups for the night and lifted around the weight for a bit (5 sets of 20 on each arm).

I’ve decided that I’m going to give Insanity a shot to see what I can do in two months time. It’ll give my blog some new material, too. Anyone wanna do it with me? Looking to begin this weekend if I can get the set.

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2 thoughts on “A new love

  1. I’d love to do Insanity, or P90X but I must admit I’m nowhere near fit enough! Sounds like you’re doing really well resisting temptation, not like me haha.

    • Hey there! If you change your mind, let me know! I think you could do it! I think we are supposed to be bad at first and get better over the two months 🙂

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