Staying away

Went to breakfast with the coworkers and didn’t order anything. Success! Also, avoiding the temptations of the cookies. They smell delicious, though!

I kind of feel evil by having my coworkers eat those devilishly delicious, but high calorie cookies. Better them than me!

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2 thoughts on “Staying away

  1. Nice job staying away from the cookies. It is funny when you abstain from something that other people are eating because it’s bad for you. Part of me is jealous that they get to eat it, and then part of me feels almost guilty that I don’t care about their health. That is, of course, when I actually do abstain, which has been harder and less frequent recently!

    • I completely agree! I haven’t really focused on the health of others and what they are eating, but that’s a good point to consider. Now I almost feel bad for brining my coworkers the cookies that I chose to stay away from!

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