Interesting Convo

Doing my 30 minute biggest loser workout tonight to burn some extra calories. Should be about 250 like last time.

Had the Dole Endless Summer salad tonight. It was super delicious! Not as good as the Southwest salad, though.

The main point of this article was to discuss a recent discussion on wordpress blogs regarding the new season of the Biggest Loser. Some bloggers are against the show as they believe it promotes bullying and body shaming. They really hated the new spin of adding children into the mx. I expressed my opinion supporting the show and I get berated for it.

I do not see the Biggest Loser as a bullying or body shaming show. Given, I have only seen the first two seasons on Netflix, but I did not see bullying from the trainers. The other contestants perhaps, but that is reality tv. Not excusable, but it is behavior seen often displayed by humans and the bully’s actions were often addressed in the shows.

This show was a good source of inspiration for my own weight loss. Perhaps the show has gone downhill in recent years, but not from what I have seen yet. Hey show proper eating habits. Focus on working out and teamwork through temptation. These have been mandatory skills in my own quest.

In terms of adding children, I am in full support of including them in the program with an increased level of health monitoring for safety. Kids don’t need to be starving themselves to win a game. I think it may be a bit interesting to watch to see how these families deal with the competition. Families learning to be healthy together when they would have otherwise continued on their paths. If I would have continued in my path, I was heading to an early death. Perhaps this could be the wake up call for some?

What do you all think? Agree/disagree?

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5 thoughts on “Interesting Convo

  1. I think it’s crucial to teach kids good eating habits – I just wish there was a way to challenge them in a way that isn’t so conducive to unhealthy things like working out to the point of exhaustion or not eating, as you said, just to win the game. But just like substance abuse recovery – if you leave treatment (or the Ranch) and go back to the same environment (ie the house with the kids and the snacks and the demands) without any intervention or change, chances that you maintain the progress you’ve made are not so great.

    • Agreed. I did more research on their involvement. They won’t actually be competing, but mentored on doing things in a healthy manner. I fully support it. I would hope they would prepare them for living in the real world…but it often does not. This needs to be a forever lifetime commitment and balance.

  2. I haven’t seen the new season, but I really like the Biggest Loser. I like the idea of the kids being on the show as I wish I had the chance to lose weight as a child. If they are just being mentored like you say,then I think it is a wonderful idea.

  3. fatassguidetotheuniverse

    I agree with you, the show is also very motivating for me too and helps keep me on track. I think having kids on the show is super super important, childhood obesity is a major problem. Have you heard about the 9 year old girl that lost 66lbs? It’s really inspiring!

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