12/14 Weigh In

211 today. One pound away from sub goal one. For those that are setting mini goals, it feels fabulous to be this close to reaching a sub goal. It even provides extra motivation to stay on track because I so desperately want to see the scale go down one more pound to reach it. Once it shows 210, I reward myself and set a new goal.

After taking Leo to the vet this morning, I’m going to go for a long long walk at one of the local malls…or two of them if time permits. I’m not going to buy anything(not planning on it anyway), but it is good just to walk around and take a look and get some minor exercise while I’m at it.

Tonight has me going to see the lights in display at the local zoo. Also, I will be seeing the Hobbit. Typically, this could be a disaster since I’m going with friends. Friends usually mean food on outings like these. Hey, I resisted at work, I should be able to resist here, too!

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3 thoughts on “12/14 Weigh In

  1. ShuvoH

    joe, there is no archive menu in the sidebar. actually, i want to read your blog from the very first post and it is quite tough without the archive bar.

    • Thanks for the heads up! Always wondered how to get them and they should be active now.

      • ShuvoH

        Its looking really great now. Now reading your first post and from today i will also post daily. 🙂

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