And I’ll Run

Two 5k runs in two days. Loving it!

Time was 33 minutes. Still not trying to push myself. Just running for the sake of running. Today, I went the opposite direction around the lake. It was like a whole new experience. In some ways, I didn’t like not knowing exactly how far along I was, but it did add a bit of novelty to my day.

Now for a nice nap 🙂

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5 thoughts on “And I’ll Run

  1. Awesome job!!

  2. A run is better than no run at all. Great job. You are doing it. Wondering what your energy was like as you ended your blog saying you were looking forward to a nap???

    • Energy is doing okay. Mainly napping because puppy is waking me up at 4am to be let outside.

      • Awe I remember those days, My puppy is now 15 months. Enjoy as they grow so fast.
        If you are ever interested in exploring products that give you more energy, help build lean muscle, and loose fat please let me know. I blog a lot about how people can better deal with stress and become better fit with the help of great products that are all natural, and organic with no fillers.
        Enjoy your puppy and your runs:)

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