Looking back

Kept to the diet and did a 3rd 5k over the past few days. I’m proud of myself.

Before I begin Insanity after it arrives this week, I wanted to look back at the journey so far. This does get into some body image issues. Honestly, it is embarrassing for me to post these pictures, but it needs to be done. Below are two pictures of me without a shirt along the journey. I’m not proud of myself in those pictures.

There is just so much talk about negative body image. I did not love myself when I looked like this. The sad part is that I don’t notice much of a difference between these two pictures. In some cases, I still see this as me when I look in the mirror. While I am doing this to be healthy and look better, why didn’t I love myself back when I looked like this? While I can say that I love and respect myself now, I’m still not happy with my body.

I’ll be posting a current picture on the day I start Insanity. I honestly don’t know how far back these pictures were taken. I think that the first one was before Thanksgiving of last year. The newer one was likely in April or May when this blog began.

Me late last year.


Me this past April/May.


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7 thoughts on “Looking back

  1. Colin DeWaay

    Takes a lot to post something like that and you should be proud. Keep it up! BTW there is a big difference between the two pics, get out of your own head! šŸ™‚

  2. you have really come a long way. you should be proud.

  3. wow, you should be proud. nobody likes their before pics, that’s why they are “before” ie they inspire change. check out my before pics, they still horrify me.

  4. Thanks for the support everyone šŸ™‚ think its just gonna take a bit before I notice the change in myself outside of smaller clothes sizes.

    • You’ve gone far Joe. There is still more to go but you’ve done a wonderful job. Hopefully one day you’ll be able to look at yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin. There is a sexy beast within you and diet and exercise will unleash it. As always I wish you the best. Good luck with the next phase. šŸ™‚

      • Thanks buddy! Looking forward to the journey šŸ™‚ lemme know if ya ever make it out to the Phx area!

  5. Wow, Joe! You’ve come a long way!!

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