What a trying and tempting day!

Today was not the best of days.

Wednesdays are walk in days at work. As we are already short a few staff members, there was quite a long line of students waiting to be seen. The day was going pretty well when Josh called me.

My puppy, Leo, had chewed a hole in the toilet water supply line. Water was everywhere and had flooded part of the living room. Oh, no! Hence the picture earlier today.

I drove home as fast as I could. Josh had already attended to most of the disaster, and I am thankful. We got the water shut off, rented a rug doctor and fan, and cleaned up. I returned to work.

Usually, we are do seeing students at noon on Wednesday. At 1130, there were still 30 students waiting to be seen by four advisors. Just a high stress day.

I’m home now. The mess is handled..for the most part. And now I can relax. I was tempted to just stop and get some fast food due to the stress, but I didn’t give in. By just being alone and quiet for a few minutes, I found a way to change my stress habits.

No big workout tonight. Just using the weights and crunches.

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3 thoughts on “What a trying and tempting day!

  1. Ktj

    Wow sounds like a crazy day! Good for you for not giving in even in all that mess!

  2. Youre a champion for not stopping for fast food. If it had been me in that crazystressful situation it would have been a completely different story ( probably would have finished an entire box of chocolates. hehe) 😀

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