Today was the staff lunch and we all went out to Pita Jungle. I absolutely love this place. It was the first place I found and tried the food I want to marry: hummus. The best part was that my boss was treating us to lunch before the holidays.

As I was sitting down, they came and brought the menus. As I was looking through, I was determined to find something that was low in calories. I was determined to go off of my plan. I was even looking things up in myfitnesspal to see what I could get away with eating and not see a change in the scale the next day.

Then a question popped in my head. What do you want more? At that moment, I wanted to eat lunch with my coworkers, but in the long run, I wanted to lose weight more than to have a cheat meal. With that question in my head, I told the waiter that I would not be ordering.

Part of me felt pretty bad by not being able to join in with the food that my coworkers were eating. In the end, will it be worth it to do this? Even of it means not enjoying life/food in the meantime? While I was still in a good mood, I feel like I am depriving myself. In reality, I am. I don’t like the feel of it, but it needs to be done.

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7 thoughts on “Thinking

  1. I adore Pita Jungle and that restaurant has plenty of healthy, low calorie menu options. Try the Mediterranean chicken salad! Congrats on your fitness journey thus far. You look amazing.

    – K.

    • Thanks! It is a very healthy place and I look forward to enjoying it again once I reach my goal weight. Until then, I’m sticking to my plan.

  2. Try not to feel so bad about it. Question, are you still using myfitnesspal to track calories? Do you recommend it? I used to count calories, but I haven’t done it in so long and part of me worries I may start to cheat more than I should.

    • I still use it to track. Part of me feels like I don’t need it since my calories are coming from the same foods every day. But I still do to hold myself accountable. The more involved I am in my fitness, the more likely I am to keep it going.

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