12/23 Weigh In

Finally, some movement!

204! Thank you 10k and Insanity.

Today is the first day of the new diet. It’s a bit more calorie intensive and I don’t know how it will impact the scale. However, I feel as if now is the time to change things up and see what happens to provide fuel for Insanity. So, if the scale reads up tomorrow, we will know why. I may adjust this as needed as the weeks go by.

For breakfast, I have the following.


One piece of whole wheat toast
One tablespoon natural peanut butter
One teaspoon preserves
1/4 cup cottage cheese

I was so afraid of trying the cottage cheese. I’ve never had it as part of a meal. Always though that it looked gross. Actually kind of yummy and it’s high in protein, too!

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One thought on “12/23 Weigh In

  1. Try substituting peanut butter on celery sticks for peanut butter on toast. It will decrease your carb and cal count, and it’s equally as satisfying. Congrats on completing the 10K.

    – K.

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