Insanity Day 2 Complete

Hey all!
Got some walking done today while going shopping with a friend. Also saw Rise of the Guardians for the third time. Don’t judge me! 🙂

I’m still trying to wrap my head around is eating thing. So far, I’ve had breakfast, a Clif Builder Bar, one of my diet shakes, and another round of the breakfast meal for my 4th meal. I STILL have my dinner to do. I feel like I’m eating way more than I should be. I’m still going to eat it, but if the scale if going in the wrong direction over the next few days, I’m going to revert to my 3 meals a day.

My calorie count for for right now: 1040. Dinner will put me at about 1500.

Today was the first day of real workouts with insanity. When I woke up, I wasn’t sore. But by the time we went shopping, I was feeling yesterday’s Fit Test. Today’s workout was Plyometrics and cardio. Oh my goodness! That was intense and I was just dripping sweat! Literally. I bent over and it was like someone turned a faucet on! Ew, but yay?

I couldn’t complete each of the sets without falling down and needing a small break to catch my breath. I tried to get back in and complete the set with the remaining seconds of the exercises when this happened, but I kind of felt like I was hitting a wall. I was giving it my all and I am nowhere near giving up!

I think I’ll take the Leo monster for a walk tonight.

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4 thoughts on “Insanity Day 2 Complete

  1. I think it feels like your eating more because of the multiple meals. as long as the calories are still Ok then don’t be too concerned. I think 1500 is a Ok especially with all the workouts you will be doing with insanity. you might even want to increase that if you find you don’t have the energy to complete a workout.
    your weight might go up the first week because of the new exercise. you will be building muscles which means water retention. tearing a rebuilding muscle means more water stored in your body. It should even out after a while. good luck.

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