2012 Resolutions Update

Hey all!

I looked back at when I started this blog and one of my first entries was an update on my 2012 resolutions (12 things for 2012). Lets see how I did.

1. Move into a house
Status: COMPLETE 10/31/12

2. Get involved in a fabulous and loving relationship
Status: I suppose you could say this one had ups and downs. I am currently single. However…in a way…I think I did enter into such a relationship this year…with myself. 🙂

3. Visit two new locations
Status: COMPLETE. I was able to visit Provo, Utah and Nashville, TN this year for conferences. Not a recreational visit, but I am starting to explore a bit!

4. Reach my weight goal of sub 200 pounds
Status: Currently 203.5. I don’t honestly think I’ll make it to 200 before the new year, but it will be shortly after. I’m proud of the progress that I’ve made on this one! I just wish I would have kept my earlier momentum going. This could have been done by then.

5. Learn to play an instrument-
Status: COMPLETE. I picked up my trumpet for a few months. I still had it in me, but that time of my life is over.

6. Get a dog
Status: COMPLETE. Leo joined my family on 10/31/12.

7. Get a consistent group of friends
Status: I would say that my social circle has become consistent. Moving to Laveen certainly threw a few kinks into everything, but my friends are amazing and I love them.

8. Learn something new and difficult
Status: COMPLETE…I think.  Life is always about learning and I’m always growing in this area. This year, I’ve learned to respect and listen to myself.

9. Watch the sunset over the ocean
Status: Incomplete. Never made it to the west coast this year. I think next year will be big for me and travel.

10. Spend more time outside
Status: COMPLETE. I’m the most proud of this one. I’ve spent so much time outside this year. Mainly due to hiking and running. I’ve gained a new appreciation of bein

11. Attend a murder mystery
Status: COMPLETE. I thought I had failed this one until I realized that I hosted one at the freshmen camp for work. Go me!

12. Attend two shows outside of Wicked
Status: COMPLETE. I attended a Cirque De Solei show and a Holiday Music Program by Desert Overture.


How’d you all do on your lists?

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