12/27 Weigh in

No change…again. Beginning to get frustrated and considering revising the diet plan a bit. 4 meals instead of five). Giving it the rest of the week to show me change on the scale.

Still in positive spirits. At least is isn’t going up and I’m getting stronger. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “12/27 Weigh in

  1. Just remember to feed your body enough. I personally do not think that cutting back on meals is what you need to do. Make sure you are eating enough so that there is enough left to keep you going even with your workout. Get good sources of protein into your diet. In building muscle right now, that muscle will get rid of the rest of the fat. The more muscle a person has, the higher their metabolism is. So just make sure you are not starving yourself or at least that is what your body is feeling because when that happens, it feels like it needs to hold on to the food you eat and it is stored as fat. Keep up the good work Joe! 🙂

    • Getting around 70 grams of protein a day. Still about 1500 calories. Should still be plenty for weight loss and building. I think my body is just getting used to the diet switch still.

  2. What you’re seeing is consistent with what happened to me on Insanity and what happened to my friends. I actually gained weight my first two weeks. I started seeing improvement in week three before I took a break and my other two friends who are in month two didn’t start seeing weight change until week three. They are both consistently losing now. Many posters on Insanity forums don’t recommend weighing yourself during the first two weeks. I agree with the post above, focus on getting enough of the right foods to support your body. If you don’t eat enough you won’t lose weight or build muscle. Give it time before you start making changes. Good work keeping up with the program so far! It is a huge commitment and incredibly difficult to keep up!

    • I think you may be right about weighing in. Think ill cut that for two weeks and hope for a surprise. Hope it’s a pleasant surprise.

  3. singlalala

    Keep up that positive thinking! 🙂

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