One of my favorite ways to pass the time is to read about controversies in weight loss. Last night, I found several articles involving the debate of weight loss surgery as “the easy way out.”

I really don’t know how I feel about that one. I don’t think anyone has an easy journey of this process. Often, people make this decision as a last resort because they see no other alternatives. I see it as a very valuable tool which could be used to help someone save him/herself.

Usually, these surgeries involve altering the digestive system so that a person gets full quicker. It comes back to the idea of calorie restriction because you end up not consuming as much. I’m left wondering if the same people who completed this surgery would have similar results if they controlled their calories and portions. Perhaps the issue is the ability to control the calories and portions in the first place. Is it an issue of willpower? Is it one of disease (obesity)?

I just don’t know. While my degrees have focused on mental wellness and illness, I feel that we often times throw out personal commitment and power in an effort to blame our behaviors on something else that we cannot control.

While I fully support most of the mission of AA (talking about addiction and how it relates to becoming addicted to food-mentally), I’ve always had a very hard time accepting that one is powerless over what is going on with them. I also have an issue requiring a higher power (however one sees it) to restore someone to sanity.

You are never powerless. You make mistakes. You have the hope and the power to change. You alone have it within you to change. Supports do exist to help with the journey, but you will always be the main source of support, encouragement, and willpower.

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One thought on “Control

  1. it’s interesting you should talk about this today, i just watched a program last night called “half ton hospital” which was about a residential hospital in new york for the morbidly obese. it was fascinating to me that despite the decision these people have made to give up their current life and commit to the regime of this hospital and despite the constant reinforcement by the doctors that if they don’t succeed in this program they WILL die, not might many still couldn’t commit themselves to the process and constantly cheated with food or blowing off exercise. i took away the same thought as you, that no amount of support can do it for you, if has to be your responsibility to make the change for life. you can make the decision either to fail or succeed, it doesn’t just happen to you.

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