As we come closer to the new year, I’m sure we are going to see several people taking their very first steps (perhaps for the X time) towards their desired lives. Often, this is a goal for weight loss. Why do so many people fail?

Why do they wait for New Years to start the rest of their lives? I believe the answer lies in them wanting something else more. This will often still be the reason that they fail. Sometimes, this is the reason that I fail.

We want personal comfort more than weight loss.
We want that cheeseburger more than weight loss.
We want to feel socially accepted at a dinner party more than weight loss.
We want to take care of others more than we want to take care of ourselves.
We want a few more days of our old lives more than we want our new one.

The list can go on and on. In the end, you must decide that this is the thing you want above all else and that you are willing to fight for it…willing to be uncomfortable for it…willing to struggle for it. Most of all, you will have an action plan for it and hold yourself accountable. A vague goal to try is not enough to make this work. Willpower is a big part of the equation and we often overestimate the amount that we have.

Don’t look to others for your primary source of inspiration. Be your own. Give yourself a reason to be proud of yourself for sticking to your goals.

So the question is…what do you want more? Ask yourself this several times a day.

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