12/28 Weigh In

Still no change on that evil scale today. If anything, there was a slight flicker to go up. Over the past few days, the comments I have been reading about insanity mention at not much change happens in the first few weeks and that some people do go up a pound or two as their bodies get used to the system.

With that in mind, I think I’m going to go to a twice a month weigh in. 1st and 15th

In the meantime, I’m still going all out for Insanity. It will be a weight loss and body toning tool for me. I am seeing some results, but they may not be scale worthy yet. I will remain unphased.

Who knows, if I complete insanity and the scale shows no difference, I can go back to the old program and polish off the last few pounds.

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One thought on “12/28 Weigh In

  1. Hi Joe! Good for you! I don’t weigh myself anymore. I keep myself in check by taking stock in how I feel/what’s my mood; how I’m sleeping; how my clothes feel; how my skin looks. The scale is really evil. Can’t wait to hear how Insanity works for you. Good luck!

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