Surgery for Loose Skin

Random thoughts in my head today.

I’ve had a few comments regarding considering surgery for loose skin. For me, this has never really been an option. I’ve always kept a strong mind that my skin would be quite elastic and wouldn’t look like a deflated balloon.

So far, my stomach has been quite resilient. It isn’t perfect, but I’m wondering how much of it is loose skin and how much just needs more weight loss. I can still feel fatty tissue, so I think it just needs to lose a bit more. Maybe I’m wrong?

Would I want surgery if it was an option? I really don’t know. Having tight skin would be amazing. But would it be worth the cost? Would it be worth having a very visible scar in my skin? I tend to think no, but as I continue this process, anything can change.

Are there any health risks for having loose skin?

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One thought on “Surgery for Loose Skin

  1. The only health risk are rashes and infections if u have too much hangy skin from rubbing on the skin underneath. If u have visible rashes and get ur primary care doc to prescribe a cream for 7 days and it doesn’t clear it up ur plastic surgeon can typically get it covered by ur health insurance. But if ur skin is bouncing back and u don’t have rashes, smelliness, or anything then I don’t think I would put myself through it even though it has a quick recovery time and most patients don’t even need pain killers these days. The plastic surgeon that spoke to our support group for bariatric surgery even does the surgery so scaring is next to invisible. Hope this info helps! đŸ™‚

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