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Ok, so I weighed myself a day early, 202.5.

This is depressing. I know I’ve had a few cheat meals in the past few weeks, but I don’t think that accounts for the gain. They certainly didn’t help, but if 3500 calories is a pound, then it still shouldn’t have gone up. Especially considering the running, rock climbing, and starting month 2 of insanity, I was expecting the scale to go down.

202.5 isn’t that bad as it has hardly moved in 15 days.

Possible reasons:
Muscle gain (not sure how much I buy into it being from that)
Too many calories (even with the Insanity diet).
Normal body fluctuations in a day (carrying food, water weight, and all that jazz)

I’m leaning more towards items 2 & 3. I really don’t think my body easily adjusted from the low cal diet that I was on prior to insanity. Could it still be recovering from that diet and holding on to food? Maybe… I’m starting to wonder if I’m experiencing a difference between the two diets. I’m not necessarily more energetic in my day. Eating more has always been great, but I just don’t know. I’m tempted to go back to the old ways for a day and see how I’m handling month 2.

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Steady as she goes!

Tonight, profanities and rude hand gestures were not thrown at my TV during Insanity. It was still hard as hell, but I think that my body is slowly adapting. I know that I need this. My complaining and cursing aren’t going to give me any quicker results. Getting involved and focusing on the task at hand will. Tonight was back to the first workout of Month 2. Still don’t like it, but it is more manageable.

I’ve gotten a few of my coworkers wanting to try Insanity. I’m excited to see how they do with it! They are going to be great! I was telling one of my coworkers that I was still trying to lose another 20-30 pounds and they looked at me with a blank stare and said, “Where is that going to come from?”  It took me by a bit of surprise. In my mind, I’m still piloting my old body. While I can do more and fit into smaller things, my self perception of my body has not changed. Of course I can lose another 20-30 pounds, but I personally think that I need to lose a lot more than I need to. I’m working on that.

Speaking of working on that, I was playing with my loose skin after my shower. Odd and slightly gross for me, but I wanted to see if any ab muscles were there. Still can’t see them when I

try to pull my skin right, but I did notice a very slight V shape going on. This was a nice surprise. Always wanted one of those adonis belt looking things. Now if my skin would just cooperate!



Fat! (Photo credit: LexnGer)

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Work Photo


Found my headshot from my work photos in the first months that I worked at asu.

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Just another day

Just a day, just an ordinary day…

Not much to report today. I’m officially back on the routine. Wake, eat, shower, work, home, eat insanity, eat, and sleep. Nice, easy, and predictable.

Insanity kicked my ass again. This was supposed to be a recovery day and it was mostly deep squats and push ups. I hate them both, but I know I need it. My hating the exercise is no excuse for not doing them. In fact, it gives more of a reason.

Here’s hoping the results continue and the weigh in is good this weekend!

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Let’s do more push-ups!

This month of Insanity, I am not enjoying it.

When I first started, I remember seeing this woman on the infomercial talking about how she now loves doing push ups and dares people to challenge her to a push up competition. As I was going through month one, I began to wonder where she was getting this. We barely did any push ups. Now, I know. The Plyo workout felt like several different types of push ups. I almost felt like Bubba from Forrest Gump.

We’ve got: power push ups
Push up jacks
Sideways push ups
Squat push ups
Vertical push ups
And much more!

As you may or may not know, I don’t have much upper body strength. So…naturally….I hate push ups. This has stopped being fun and is now working me. Still rewarding, but just exhausting. This is good, I think. Exercise is supposed to push me past my formal self. I’m going to make it, even if I don’t like it along the way.

Keep on swimming..just keep on swimming.

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I’ve wanted to do this for a long long time. Today, Doni and I went rock climbing in Tempe. Turns out, there’s a whole rock climbing gym right next to where I work.

Y’all might remember Doni from a few months ago when this blog first started. He was “The Running Partner.” During my second 5k, he ran with me. We lost touch for a bit, but recently reconnected.

Nervous was certainly the emotion. Would I be able to climb anything? Was I too heavy to be able to safely perform this activity?

It was so much fun! After learning the ropes..literally..we were given free range of the gym to explore. While we stuck to the easier climbs, I still felt super confident after reaching those heights. The ropes didn’t snap. I didn’t die. Today was a good day.



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Holy Cow!

Wow, just wow.

Today was day one of Insanity’s Month 2. It started out with the fit test. I was a bit worried about improvement because this past week had the half marathon and was a “recovery” week. It was not meant to push myself. On top of that, my diet has not been up to par. I make decent enough choices when going out(for the most part), but it wasn’t exactly fitting in with the diet plan.

Results of third fit test. The second and first fit test results are also included)

1) Switch Kicks – 72 (up from 64 and 50)
2) Power Jacks – 51 (down from 52. Still up from 46)
3) Power Knees – 110 (up from 84 and 70)
4) Power Jumps – 38 (up from 33 and 27)
5) Globe Jumps – 12 (up from 10 and 6)
6) Suicide Jumps – 19 (up from 18 and 14)
7) Push Up Jacks – 32 (up from 30 and 24)
8) Low Plank Oblique – 64 (up from 55 and 40)

Overall improvement, but not as big of jumps from the first set. Understandable and it is what it is.

The big thing today was the new tape: Max Interval Circuit. From the moment I pushed play, I saw the timer hitting in the 59 minute mark. Oh dear.

This. Was. Hard! More so than any workout before. I almost had to stop the tape because I was struggling with this one. However, I still made it through and I noticed that I was absolutely drenched in sweat. The exercises were absolutely nuts and several had me in a horizontal position. I hate not being able to stand upright, but my anger just fueled me through the hard parts. This was the end result.


This could be exactly what I needed for the next month. Let’s do this!

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Thin Privilege

I came across this Tumblr for Thin Privilege this morning and had my mind blown away.

Thisisthinprivilege @ Tumblr.

I really don’t know what to say about this. While I do think privilege exists and needs to be monitored, is it applicable in this situation? Some of the examples they use are just absurd. Like having the doctor treat your actual condition you come in for versus constantly telling you that you would feel better if you just lost the weight.

When your weight is strongly linked to a lot of what you are going to see the doctor for, then I think the doctor would be doing his or her job to point that out. A lot of the times, what people may see a doctor for is a symptom of the persons overall health. Weight isn’t all there is for health, but being severely overweight can play a huge role in that.

There continues to be this idea that these individuals are not choosing to be obese and fat. I want to research this a bit more, but my gut feeling is that while genetics and help/hurt you in this sense, it doesn’t cause obesity. Our choices do. Putting in the time for exercise and eating properly can see changes in our weight.

When I typically see an obese person talking about how they did not choose to be this way, I very very rarely hear them talk about how they are getting an hour or more of good exercise a day (going for a walk is a start, but it isn’t enough). Their eating habits are often horrid. Hard to say that you didn’t choose this when you are eating your second double cheeseburger for lunch.

I’ve been there. When I write this, I am describing myself. My choices led me to a very bad place in my life, but it wasn’t to late for me. Change your choices, Change your life .

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Wanting to go out

English: Opened umbrella

English: Opened umbrella (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Today is one of those rare rainy days in Phoenix. I had planned on going out for a nice long walk with Leo, but that won’t happen in this weather. So, I need to find another method of being active.

I still have my Insanity workout for later tonight. Tonight is the last night of the recovery week video. The new videos next week will be a good change of pace for me. I’m at the point where I’m not even worried about them anymore. I will just take the time and get through them all.

Perhaps this will be a good day to catch up on sleep a bit. I never seem to get enough recently and it is starting to show with the bags under my eyes.  I often try to take a nap,  but I rarely actually fall asleep. Any tips?

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to going for the marathon and for now, I’ve decided against it. I am still going to run and run often, but going a farther distance is not a goal for me anymore. It is a bit sad seeing a goal like that go, but I think it is for the best. For me, my best results always come when I move around from activity to activity. It prevents boredom and increases passion. So, unto my next goal.

Rowing/Kayaking & Sailing

It’s odd that I would want to do this in the middle of a desert type climate, but I think it’s going to be something awesome. There are a few lakes around here in which I can use. My old running lake is a perfect place. There are even inflatable kayaks (even with sails) that should make transport fairly easy. I’ve focused on my legs for a good amount of time and they are quite beastly looking at times. Now, I need to work on my upper body a bit. This may be what can help with that.

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Enjoying vacation

Good morning everyone!

Today in Phoenix, it’ll reach 82 degrees. I’m looking forward to this lovely weather. Best news: I’m on vacation the entire week. Probably will end up in Tempe to take a nice long walk around the lake and perhaps even do some shopping.

Diet continues on track. Here’s hoping for a good upcoming weigh in! Unsure if the scale will be in favor of me since I had the few cheat meals after the half, but I still have quite a few days to burn those off.

Insanity continues and it is still the recovery week. I’m starting to get nervous for month two. Harder and more intense workouts are ahead. I think I can manage and hopefully see even better results.

I’ll take some pictures of my adventures today and will share once I get home.

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