Joe the Hermit

Lately, I’ve been feeling like a bit of a hermit.

Wake up, eat, work, eat, work, eat, work, eat, insanity, eat, sleep.

Rinse and repeat. Occasionally throw in a run.

Even with offers to do social things, I find myself backing away and just sticking to my home and quiet. It isn’t depression. I just tend to avoid awkward new situations. They are terrifying to me at times. Never knowing what to say to people. Never sharing too much of my own story.

Do I just not have much to say or is it that I’m not used to letting people in?

While life is enjoyed, I sometimes feel that it is being wasted. Is this what it has come down to? The simple life of home? Am I boring?

It certainly has its benefits for weight loss and finances. I’m not tempted to buy or eat things that aren’t a part of the plan.

In short, am I happy/satisfied with my life? No, but I think that this route will lead me to a place where I would have the best chance. Or, I could be fooling myself and just doing this because it is more comfortable than trying something new.


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2 thoughts on “Joe the Hermit

  1. Aww man don’t feel like that! it’s 2013 Cheer up! If you are feeling a little down, spice up your life a little bit. No need to completely throw yourself into the water, but go out once a week to get a change of pace. Set a limit on that one time. Allow yourself an hour when you or out, or two hours, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Give it a shot and overcome that curtain you have put up! You can do it! Be positive!

  2. Josephine, you know you’re always welcome to come join my mischief!

    With my N.E.E.D.’s I’ll be tackling a bunch of new and exciting projects!

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