Getting out of a rut

Wow, that hermit post was a bit on the depressing side. Lets face it, I was/am in a bit of a rut. Not really a bad thing.

When alone and left to my own devices, this tends to be what happens. I kind of become a bit of a robot. I meet the goal and move on. In short, I don’t feel like I am truly living when I am like this. It is very easy for me to let the world just fly by.

The weight loss journey and Insanity program continues. I’m losing inches and size (quite a few people have commented that I am looking smaller than when I started), but the scale is still not wanting to budge. I’m still eating the same diet and I have a new love for Clif Builder’s Bars. Some of them are better than regular candy. Still haven’t missed a day of Insanity. Nearing the end of the second week and the second fitness test is this weekend. Here’s hoping for good results.

So, I’m going to force myself to be a bit more social in the coming months. After all, what if the world ended next week? I wouldn’t want my final days to be at home and alone. Leo, the puppy, is great company, but I don’t want him to be my only source of social conversation in a day…it’s kind of one sided with the English language. I have learned to speak fluent puppy in the recent months.

Josh also gets back tomorrow. Perhaps things will pick up. Much like the Doctor, I shouldn’t travel alone for so long without a companion.

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2 thoughts on “Getting out of a rut

  1. Stay positive! Enjoy the small things in life and see the beauty of life.! Your doing a phenominal job!! Keep it up!

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