The Problem With “Lifestyle” Changing


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Kind of in a ranting mood recently. Addictions are a very real and a very scary thing for a lot of people. Recently, the quick fix has been to go to rehab. I’m beginning to think that society views rehab as a cure for addictions. Of course most people don’t use or abuse while in rehab. They are surrounded by support where the norm and expectation is constant monitoring. They often do provide some form of counseling for when the clients go back into the real world, but more often than not, people relapse. They get back into the way things were. They go back to old social groups,routines, and habits. This is why outpatient counseling is so important. They journey is never over!

When I was going through my internship experience for my MSEd in Counseling, I had the pleasure of working with a group of people with co-occuring mental disorders and addictions. I quickly learned several things about myself and those going through the process of addiction. For those new to the experience, they become so hopeful the first time out. They genuinely believe that they are going to pull through and not use again. Then the next week, they may have relapse and their soul just seemed to shatter. Your own soul breaks a bit for not being able to do anything. Relapse is a part of recovery. My mentor through my internship made something very clear that helped me out along the way. The hope that you must have for people is not that they will do it “this time.” Instead, keep hope that they have the ability to proceed and will do so eventually.

What does this have to do with weight loss? A lot, actually. Take all of these weight loss shows and diet programs. They all seem to put people off on this great start, but then…once the program is over…. they resume their old habits and they will often end up right back where they started (if not worse!). In my opinion, this is why so many people fail at New Years Resolutions. This is why I have failed so many times before. The truth behind all of this is:


There, I said it. The journey is simply about making a dedicated lifestyle change and keeping it up for the rest of your life. You will lose weight along the way. Once the weight is gone, you need to have a plan to keep going. To keep improving.  If not, it is just SO EASY to slip right back into old habits.

Think about it if you are just starting out and maybe going to a gym for the first time. Why are you really there? To get better and lose weight? I would want you to change that question. How about to take on a more healthy lifestyle? If going to the gym was something that was now going to be a part of your life, look at what could change. You will meet people at the gym. Your social circle may become filled with similar people who are committed to healthy lifestyles. Your diet is likely to change as a result as well. It’s good to have goals…even for weight loss. Just please don’t stop once you get to your goal. Have your own recovery plan. Make better choices for your life.



Life Updates:

I’m strongly leaning toward the Shamrock Marathon in VA Beach in March. It’ll be two months out from my half marathon. I think I can pull it off, but I’ll have to start running more and more. It’ll be hard with Insanity going into month 2, but I’ll still have the weekends and plenty of days once Insanity is over.

Speaking of Insanity, I’ve just started the last week of the first month. Still feeling good. I’ve been feeling “flabbier” recently. Bloated perhaps? Still going strong and doing every workout as needed.

I did have a few slip ups on the diet this week, but nothing too major. Work had these “Aussie” cookies/muffin things which apparently had a lot of seeds and nuts in them from the label. I had a few of them. I also had fro-yo with my roomie today at the mall. It was a spur of the moment decision and I made the choice to do it.  I’m feeling a bit guilty. I figured the two hour run tomorrow will be some payback.

Going out to brunch tomorrow before the run with some friends. Looking to have a salad with pears, strawberries, and some goat cheese.  This will be before the run, but after the Insanity workout. I learned my lesson from last week. Insanity first, then run. Not the other way around. Running for that long will put a pounding on my knees.

Bought a pair of 34 jeans from Banana Republic today (increasing my collection). Felt a bit weird that they didn’t have a zipper (only buttons). Since I was feeling a bit flabby recently, I was scared to try them on. Tried them on a few minutes ago and their actually a bit loose on me. Perhaps I really am getting smaller? It’s almost time for me to make another Goodwill donation with all of my XL Shirts and 40 inch Jeans.

New Years Debt Update: $320 left to pay off. I could pay it off right now fairly easily, but I am wanting to not stretch myself to then in the middle of the month.



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4 thoughts on “The Problem With “Lifestyle” Changing

  1. Good luck on insanity!!

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