Two straight hours


Not bad Joe. Not bad.

That was the most exhausting run! About half way through, I forgot which lap I was currently running. Instead, I focused on my music and let the time pass by.

There was another guy running in the opposite direction as me. Oddly enough, he looked a bit like me too. I wanted to give him a high five every time we passed each other, but I refrained.

I think I’m going to be okay for the half marathon next weekend. Let’s do this!

Other life updates:
Went to Fez with Josh and Kim for brunch. Had a salad and breakfast panini. Wanted the fuel before the run. Josh sent a boy a drink and got a number out of it. Go Josh!

So happy that I went with Insanity before the run. No way it would have happened after. I’m completely exhausted and you could literally see the dried salt on my face. Don’t know how I will manage insanity after the half..

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8 thoughts on “Two straight hours

  1. I just came across your blog! AWESOME! I feel like we have similar stories…other than you didnt have a baby. haha. But i’m also doing insanity right now for the 2nd time and training for a half marathon! How are you liking the insanity?

    • It is turning out to be not as bad as I thought it would be. It is doable. Started to dread each of the workouts for various reasons, but gotta push through. My body doesn’t like going horizontal for exercises, but it is adapting. What about you?

      • It is rough..but not nearly as bad as i expected!…it sucks..but it works!..i’m more partial to the turbo fire workouts though..Month 2 really sucks! lol..but i just keep pushing like you said! Do you do the shakeology too?

      • No Shakeology here. Not yet anyway. Bit too expensive for me.

      • ya thats kinda what I thought at first to…but i love mine now! I feel like it has really helped me. So one day i just calculated it out and it ened up being $3 dollars each with the coaching discount…so I went with it.. i figured I would spend that much on coffee and a meal anyway!…plus it has the equivalent of all your fruits and vegetable servings in one day in one shake! and I am bad about getting those in so it helps me a lot..I am a picky eater haha..Do you do any kind of protein shakes? or just eat a high protein diet?

  2. Keep going man your crushing it!!

  3. Nice run! I have this app too and absolutely love it! Turned a few of my friends on to it and siblings!

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