Scared for tomorrow

Balance à tabac

Balance à tabac (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tomorrow is weigh day. Truth be told…I’m nervous as hell!

Has Insanity been working? Have I lost any weight? What if I’ve gained weight due to the increased diet? Will the running that I’ve been doing pay off?  All these thoughts are just swirling in my head. Much like I live my life, I am keeping this mantra in my head.

Expect the worse, but hope for the best.


If the scale hasn’t budged or even gone up, I will still stick with the program. This was the commitment that I made for myself. This was the promise.

So, here’s hoping for good news in the morning. Tonight, Insanity was absolutely horrible. My legs are still aching something awful from the run yesterday. Still powered through it and I’m glad it is over. Another check box off of the calendar and one step closer to my goal.



A conversation that occurred this weekend is really speaking to me right now. When I was with Josh and Kim this past weekend, it came up that I’ve distanced myself (pulled away) from guys in general. This was only semi intentional. I want to focus on myself. But in some ways, it is easier to do so for me. This pulls back to the hermit post a bit back. I’m starting to come out of my shell more, but I don’t feel as if I’m finished baking…yet. Goodness, I just referred to myself as a cookie.

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