Prepping for Sunday’s Run

The emails for Sunday’s marathon are coming in! Thankfully, they reminded me to print out the confirmation form so that I might check in. Check!

There’s a fitness expo on Friday and Saturday to attend and pick up your materials. I’ve never been to one of these and I’m excited to see all of the people. Still, I am a little scared to go because I still feel like somewhat of an imposter. I run, but nowhere near as well as some of these athletes.

In reading about the event, they mentioned a cut off for the full marathon at the 13.1 mile after around 3 hours.. This freaked me out a bit as I thought that there would be no way that I could make that distance in that amount of time. Something wasn’t clicking in my head that this was only a half marathon distance and that I could very easily make that cut off time when it comes down to me being ready to run a marathon.

I’ve decided to do the runner tracker program. If you are going to be up and around on Sunday morning and want to track the run, send me an email to It does cost me a buck per person, but I’ll be covering the cost for you all if you want to view it. Please only send the email if you intend to “tune in” on Sunday morning. Don’t want me to go too broke 🙂

Looking forward to seeing how the run will impact the scale. Will the next weigh in be the one where I dip below 200? I’m thinking so!

After the event, I am taking a week off of work to unwind and relax. Going to love it! Phoenix is beautiful this time of year. Maybe I’ll take a trip up to Sedona?

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